Food Express

The ordering and delivery module of the Ozamiz Business Market.
This is where customers are able to shop among the different partner stores and choose which food or goods to order.
Once they have checked out their item, the partner stores will prepare their order and have our delivery boys picked the item to be delivered to the customer at the soonest possible time

Business Directory

Business Directory let’s our users add their respective businesses and allow them to also check other businesses within our local community.

Real Estate and Properties

Our users will be able to add accurate information about their properties using our “Geo Tagging Feature”.


Skilled and talented individuals will be able to showcase their profile on our app. Users can easily search who has the skill that they need, like carpentry or plumbing and be able to reach them in an easier faster way.

Partner Stores

IT Support

  1. Set-up Online Restaurant System – Owner / Staff Education – System Implementation
  2. Product / Food Editing for Online and Web Usage.
  3. System Monitoring and Development
  4. Remind owner / manager if there are orders in the system that haven’t been fulfilled.

Advertising Support

  1. Online and Offline Advertising, Promotion and Marketing
  2. Creation of Event’s and Promo to boost sales and customer engagement
  3. Promo from partner stores are sent through push notification that is directly sent to the user’s phone.
  4. Create sponsored social media post that will directly be visible to be feed to our target customer within the specified area.

Delivery and Safety Provider

  1.  Responsible in supplying delivery boys who are:
    a.) Licensed Driver
    b.) Drug Free
    c.) Can consistently work and if not available will be able to look for a proxy / reliever.
  2. Educate drivers about customer service and customer handling to insure good relationship between customers.